Paroborodarska 5, 32000 Vukovar, Hrvatska - EU

About Us

Public institution Port Authority Vukovar.

Establishment and legal position

Port authority Vukovar was established in 2001. by the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure.

Documents important for work of Port authority Vukovar are:

  1. Statute of Port authority Vukovar,
  2. Act of inland navigation and inland ports (NN 109/07,132/07)
  3. Code of inland water ports (NN 142/98),
  4. Code of changes and additions to code of inland water ports (NN 65/2002),
  5. Regulation of defining port area of  Vukovar port (100/2001),
  6. Regulation of special conditions for executing port activities in inland water ports (NN 14/2001)


Port authority Vukovar performs activities  defined by the Code, and they are:

     1.organization and supervision of vessels docking and maneuvering in port,
     2. control of port traffic and incoming/outgoing vehicles
     3. maintenance of common structures of the port in the port area,
     4. maintaining order in the port, a high degree of safety and environmental protection in the port,
     5. construction and modernization of port structures  on behalf of  Republic of Croatia
     6. property management in the port area where port authority has a right to build
     7. management of free zone in the port area, which was established by the Croatian Government
     8. conducting  of procedures  related to  granting concession
     9. supervision of  port operators  work and port users who perform port activities, in accordance with the commitments
     10. marketing and promotion of the port on the transport market,
     11. ensuring the provision of services of general interest or for which there is no economic interest of other economic subjects
     12. preparation of a draft planning documents for the development of the port system in the inland navigation
     13. technical assistance to local and territorial (regional) governments in the development of ports and harbors,
     14. other activities determined by law.