Paroborodarska 5, 32000 Vukovar, Hrvatska - EU

Cruising – generally

In 2002. Port Authority Vukovar started building passenger terminals that are public ports for passenger vessels in town of Vukovar and Ilok. Terminals are equipped with all necessary infrastructure (water-supply, electricity, gas).
There is a great interest of shipping companies for docking in Vukovar during the season which lasts from April until October. Ships that use these two passengers terminals on its cruising routes, are luxurious river cruisers with tourists mostly from The USA, Canada, Great Britain Germany etc.

Refurbishing of Vukovar terminal had been finished in 2005. and by the end of 2006. it included various tourist content (info counter, souvenir shop, restaurant, cafe etc.)

Vukovar – cruise destination

Vukovar is a city in eastern Croatia, and the biggest river port in Croatia located at the confluence of the Vuka river and the Danube. Vukovar is the center of the Vukovar-Syrmia County. The city’s registered population was 26,716 in the 2011 census, with a total of 28,016 in the municipality. It is also the administrative, educational, economic and cultural center of the VSC. Among a number of attractive, but the war severely damaged structures, highlights the Eltz Castle from the XVIII century baroque building in the center of town, the Franciscan monastery, the parish church of St Filip and Jackob, Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, etc. Outside the city on the Danube bank to Ilok is located Vučedol, rich archaeological site. The ritual vessel Vucedol Dove is considered the symbol of the city. Vucedol is known resort, a paradise for anglers with a sandy beach on Eagle Island. Attractive confluence of the Vuka river into the Danube, the Danube promenades and beaches provide sporting and recreational activities throughout the year, especially during summer when it is possible to swim.
On the Vuka and the Danube is a popular fishing (catfish, perch, carp, pike, sturgeon,…)..

Ilok – cruise destination

Ilok is the easternmost town and municipality in Croatia. Located in the Syrmia region, it lies on a hill overlooking the Danube river, which forms the border with the Vojvodina region of Serbia. The population of the town of Ilok is 5,036, while the total municipality population is 6,750 (census 2011).[ The town is home to a Franciscan monastery and Ilok Castle, which is a popular day trip for domestic tourists. Ilok is a transit-tourist, port and border town on the Danube, known as the easternmost place in Croatia. The important cultural and historical heritage with Gothic churches being the most distinguished objects representing the borderline between the western and eastern art, as well as the relicts of Islamic architecture make Ilok a very interesting town of this part of Croatia.
Ilok is also the centre of the rich wine-growing region. The grape harvest of Ilok represents a traditional annual event in the town (end of September, beginning of October). The Ilok wines (Traminer, Burgundy, Grasevina) as well as the excellent Ilok cuisine are famous beyond the Croatian borders.

The sights of the city of Ilok:
  • Ilok walls (from the 13th century – Old Town)
  • Church of St. Ivana Kapistrana
  • Franciscan monastery
  • Turkish turbs
  • Turkish hamam
  • Odescalchi Family Castle
  • Old park (18th century) with rare trees
  • Ilok basement (from the 15th century)